Dress to Impress

Whether you’re going to a social, high class event or to a casual night on the town, you should always aim to impress with your clothing. Some people have coined the phrase “urban camouflage” to talk about people who dress with view to absolutely blend in with the crowd in an urban setting and go unnoticed. But if you’re proud of yourself and you want your personality to shine, you should try to make that come alive through your clothes, among other things. So how do you dress to impress? Looking at couture fashion won’t get you anywhere, as those dresses are simply too out there to be worn by most people, if anyone. So the alternative is to focus on having an eclectic wardrobe.

People mistake having a good wardrobe with having a lot of clothes. The truth is, you can have a large set of clothing at your disposal and look like you’re wearing the same three outfits; and you can have a relatively small wardrobe that is varied and well thought of and will look new and chic in all occasions.


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